Blank 360: new 3D-visualization product by Blank Architects

Explore architecture and design on the screen of a laptop or smartphone. Blank Architects has launched a new product Blank 360: we implement VR static tours for interior projects.

Residential complex in Lefortovo

Blank Architects created an architecture for a new residential complex of the developer "Argo" in the Lefortovo district.

New business center Geolog

Blank Architects creates an architectural concept, interior and landscape design for the mixed-use business center Geolog

Mission statement: We value our individual development, thanks to which we create unique and inspiring architecture for the benefit of our clients and community.

Blank Architects was established in 2002.
Ours commitment to Make Responsible Architecture.
We specialize in complex designs, where many contradicting criteria are to be connected. Responsible Architecture is ensuring quality, safe and socially sustainable structures that meets our customer’s needs and expectations, with the overall aim of creating a space that is functional and reflective of the person.
We work in all scales as solution seeking has no parametric limits.
We work with all program thematics, as in ever, changing world, each new project we must start with deep knowledge analytics. It is the method of work and open minded approach that allows us to design respectfully any function to any brief.
We are perfecting mix use designs.
We follow Total Design approach, we think of every element of the project. The Architecture, the Landscape, the Interiors and bring design from first thought to building sites. We cooperate in consortium with Engineers, Brand creators and many unique People. We bring whole team together and Lead them.
We encourage and implement a space of creativity, communication, best architectural practice and development. The working environment is diverse and inclusive with the overall aim of creating a cohesive and team feel.
Internally we are democratic gathering of autonomous commands. Each of them has its own balance of creativity, management, skills, design technologies, education programs.

Department of Architecture, Masterplaning and Landscape Concept Design: Running studies and analytics, seeking best program, functional and volumetric solutions. Connecting with seasonal and climatic nature life cycles, creating space for people activities and seeking context of buildings setting. Design team is constantly deepening their knowledge on different fields of human activities, sociology, technical construction abilities.
Department of Interiors Design: Focused on creativity, inspiration, ever-changing trends, material, light, stage setting. Design team is constantly in search of new inspiration and methods of atmosphere creation.
Department of General Design: Developing our and other partnering Architects concepts to Planning, Tendering and Construction documentation. Specialists focused on detail, quality, coordination and communication within large Teams. Overall Design Leadership.
Department of Project Management, Department of Visualizations, Department of Small Creative Design, Department of Quality Control, Department of Business Development, Finance and Economics Department, Legal Department, Human Resources Department, Maintenance Department

Since 2010 we are in close cooperation with our Consortium Partner – CLANCY ENGINEERING ( on Structure, MEP, Fire Systems and Civil Engineering.

CLANCY ENGINEERING is an innovative, dynamically developing international engineering company, whose head office has been successfully implementing projects since 2008.
CLANCY ENGINEERING is led by the founder and owner of the company, John Mark Clancy, a certified structural engineer and general plan specialist, who has been working on the company’s projects daily, has been living in Moscow for more than 11 years.
Our design bureau consists of the Russian team of engineers, as well as from foreign experts who have experience working on unique projects around the world: in Finland, the USA, Ireland, Spain, Canada, Hong Kong, Poland and the UK.
Thus, we create an integrated interaction of specialists from the international level and Russian engineers to make the most optimal decisions, we implement international experience and the most successful world practices to Russian projects.
CLANCY ENGINEERING pays particular attention to the following factors when designing public spaces:
COMFORT. All decisions inherent in the project have a direct impact on the convenience of visitors, operational function, and, ultimately, on the economic attractiveness of the object. Engineering solutions should provide convenience and high comfort for visitors and workers in every zone of the building.
AESTHETICS. While elaborating the architectural solutions, we pay special attention to the maximum preservation of the concept. Integrated collaboration with architects on the design details and open engineering.
FUNCTIONALITY. The structural and MEP solutions for public spaces should make it easy to transform spaces: conference halls, lecture auditoriums, co-workings, theatre halls (including the stage and the audience area). This requires the development of freely modifiable and manageable solutions with the ability to independently control parameters in each zone of the floor and building.

Conversation —
Responsible architecture

Magda Cichon

I think that we are actually very serious people. We take responsibility for the things we create. We are very serious about our approach and follow it on every point. I see us as being focused on education, personal development, and evolution.

Lukasz Kaczmarczyk

Yes, we always investigate every location and context — from Moscow to the vast expanse of Russia. And in all of the competition work we’ve done for London, Berlin, Barcelona. Every part of the site and its heritage is walked through, and every bit of history is checked. Also, we take into account the people we are designing for — who will use the space. We remain very humble in order to build for the user rather than us. to me To me, being conscious of all the aspects of a building’s life and making sure that the building’s functioning well is the key. Our competition team is strong; we are awaiting more winning entries.

Magda Kmita

Yes, every design we create is also a social improvement project. We design so many public spaces. The public and their comfort, community, and inner energy, is what I always carefully take into account in our interiors and landscapes. The branding ideas and explosions of creativity in our office are my favorites. When the ideas flow, the office energy is unstoppable. I am very proud of our rebranding proposals, I think we have given those older buildings back to the people, because they are so well connected to the needs of the local community. I also love our international cooperation with Norwegian and Swedish designers. We are trying to bring a very new way of looking at brands to Moscow.

Piotr Fafara

I like our open-minded approach to everybody in the process. We respect everyone’s opinion and think outside the box . Our goal is to see our designs realized. That means we are often next to the client showing them the path the project should take. But of course we are open for discussion. Our office has many meeting tables, everybody participates. In order to improve our organization skills I have enrolled in MBA studies.

Szymon Matkowski

Studying the theme is the key for me. To question the obvious and bring about the best solution. My motto is to never stop investigating. We like to take a subject apart and put it back together in a better way. To see all that it takes to create a building. My mind works in 6 dimensions. I already see the building process when I look at the first sketch. I also like simplicity, when it’s easy to maintain and manage our spaces. The most challenging one for me was the Dynamo Stadium in Moscow. The Sports Architecture mixed with the historical heritage of the place and the mixed-use spaces surrounding it created a special challenge. I have put in two years to see this building through to completion down to the smallest detail.

Magda Cichon

We are five very different partners. And together with the all team we are unique match of skill sets. The diversity of ways we see the same project is amazing. This is really is my goal — to let this diversity spread, to look for the tools and knowledge to make good architecture — anywhere anybody is in need of an architect.

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Magda Cichon
Founding Partner / Senior Architect / General Director
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Lukasz Kaczmarczyk
Partner / Senior Architect / Head of Department of Architecture, Masterplaning and Landscape Concept Design
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Szymon Matkowski
Partner / Senior Architect
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Magda Kmita
Partner / Senior Architect / Head of Department of Interior Design
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Piotr Fafara
Partner / Director of Operations
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Irina Kostina
Associate / Executive Assistant
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Vladimir Tikhonov
Associate / Head of Department of General Design
Alexandra Razina
Associate / Senior Architect / Head of Small Creative Design Department
Agata Stebel
Junior Associate / Senior Architect
Alena Panfilova-Korsakova
Junior Associate / Senior Architect
Georgiy Gulasaryan
Junior Associate / Senior Architect
Architects / Designers
Martin Maglione
Head of Department of Visualizations
Elena Prugova
Dane Kljakovic
Senior Architect
Nadezhda Yarmolyuk
Senior Architect
Marina Ignatovich
Senior Architect
Varvara Gorbatova
Leading Architect
Ksenia Kudryashova
Leading Architect
Evgeniya Fedchenko
Leading Architect
Tatiana Vasileva
Leading Architect
Olga Dragancha
Leading Architect
Anatoly Artov
Leading Architect
Anastasia Komarova
Leading Architect
Alexandra Rebrey
Leading Architect
Irina Kharlova
Leading Architect
Stanislav Krasnoperov
Leading Architect
Ekaterina Sapina
Leading Architect
Gleb Goncharenko
Anastasia Kultaeva
Helga Karamzina
Valeriya Zhurbenko
Kira Tarbageeva
Anastasia Degtyareva
Ksenia Makarova
Oleg Nazarov
Junior IT Assistant
Olga Gubanova
Head of Human Resources Department
Evgeniya Varzieva
Leading HR Manager
Anna Puchkova
Landscape Architect
Ksenia Zabardygina
Junior Architect
Alexandra Portnova
Junior Architect
Anna Dovlyatova
Architect Assistant
Sergey Nemtsev
Head of Finance and Economics Department / Chief Financial Manager
Elena Shepelkova
Chief Accountant
Alexandr Eliseev
Office manager
  • Top prize at the Moscow Architectural Council V Annual Award in the category “The Best building of the Year” - Mixed-use retail center in Otradnoye
  • Shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival - Genova Embankment Revitalization Competition – Civic Architecture category
  • Shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival - Rjevskaya Metro Station Competition Winner– Competitions category
  • Shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival - Shermetevskaya Metro Station Competition – Infrastructure category
  • Winners in the competition of New Stations Design for Moscow Metro - Rjevskaya station
  • Shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival of ” Commercial Mixed-Use – Future Projects" - Mitino Shopping Mall
  • Shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival of "House – Completed Buildings" - Field House
  • CRE Awards - 5 Ozer
  • Shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival - Borovskoe Highway Shopping Center
  • Shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival in the category Competition Entries - Udarnik Center for Contemporary Arts
  • 2nd place in the ‘Mitino Park Landscaping Competition’ in Moscow - The Culmination of Silence
  • Top three shortlisted for the RIBA 'Missing Link Design Competition' Vauxhall, London, UK - Vauxhall
  • Shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival in the nomination “Commercial buildings of mixed type" - Retail center - Butovo Mall
  • First prize in Commercial Real Estate St.Petersburg & Federal Awards - Akadem Park
  • Second prize in the International competition BARCELONA 2011 - Bohemian Hostel Tower
  • Prize of The Royal Institute of British Architects competition RIBA - Office complex Fabrika Stanislavskogo
  • Commercial Real Estate Awards Nomination the Best Architect - Gagarinsky Shopping Center
  • The VIII edition of the Casalgrande Padana Grand Prix in the "Large Shopping Area and Management Centre" - Troyka Shopping Center
  • First prize in RCSC Awards 2019 as The Best Shopping Center - Brosko Mall
  • Shortlisted for the project of the Russian pavilion for the Venice Biennale in Moscow, Russia -
  • Shortlisted for the projects of two new metro stations – Klenovy Boulevard 2 and Prospect of Marshal Zhukov -